What is wart curettage?

Wart curettage is a simple sterile surgical procedure that is carried out on long standing chronic warts which have been resistant to other conservative treatment methods.

The procedure involves utilising local anaesthetic and excising or removing the wart tissue from the foot using sterile instruments.
This procedure is similar to nail surgery in the way that we utilise local anaesthetic and can be undertaken in the surgery rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have only recently developed a wart on my foot would I need curettage?
That depends on the complexity of the wart. In the first instance we always aim to utilise conservative methods e.g. acid therapy and over the counter medications as this is often all that is required to manage and eradicate these warts. However, on stubborn long-term warts curettage often is more effective in the long term.

Will I need to be in hospital?
No, this is a simple day surgery that can be carried out in our rooms.

Am I able to drive home after the surgery?
We recommend organising to have a lift home as your foot will have had anaesthetic injected therefore your ability to detect the car operational pedals could be impaired which is a safety issue. The day after surgery the anaesthetic will have worn off and you can return to driving again.

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