Need help choosing shoes for everyday activities?

  • Do you have diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis and worried about shoes rubbing your feet and causing blisters, unsure what you should be wearing?
    Are you a runner and unsure what shoes would be best for you?
    Do walkers need different shoes to runners? Which hiking boots are best?
  • We can help you out with all the above, we have experience with choosing appropriate footwear for clients. an important component of podiatry is keeping up to date with shoe technology and modifications.
  • Our Podiatrists are also trained in prescription of medical grade footwear under Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Principal Podiatrist Nicola is a registered prescriber for Enable NSW therefore can prescribe custom medical grade footwear and orthoses.
  • We also stock a large range of Archies Thongs, please visit our Archies page for more information.