Archies Footwear

Supportive & Stylish

You may have heard these thongs are all the rage at the moment. But, do you know what makes these thongs so fantastic?

Archies Thongs are health professional designed with the idea in mind in trying to find the perfect summer footwear.

What Archies customers love
about these thongs?

  • Able to wear them all day without getting foot pain
  • No more clawing of my toes
  • No more cracked heels
  • Perfect if you have latex or rubber allergies
  • Last for years compared to rubber thongs
  • Large variety of colours

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much are these thongs?

These thongs are $40, which are more affordable than most rubber thongs found in stores.

I have plantar fasciitis (heel pain), will these thongs help? 

Heel pain is a common presentation to Enable Podiatry. It is a debilitating condition often made worse from wearing unsupportive footwear. In summer it is difficult to wear runners or sneakers, Archies Thongs are a great alternative! These thongs offer contoured arch support which will suit all foot types.