What is a corn?

A corn is a focal area of dead or thickened skin that contains a central core or nucleus. Corns are similar to callus in that they form due to excess pressure, but they are deeper and develop a painful seed like core. A corn under callus may appear as a small dot or lesion and can resemble a stone when walking on it. Corns can burrow deep into the skin tissue and may have nerve involvement.

Signs & Symptoms:

  • A thick or rough area of skin with a central core located on the foot or toes
  • A hardened raise lump on toes with a small focal centre or core
  • A small black dot under a thick layer of callus
  • Corns are usually painful when pressed
  • Corns can feel like you are walking on a stone

Causes for corns:

Corns are caused by focal or intense pressure over bony areas. Corns are commonly caused by ill-fitting shoes, prominent bones e.g. ball of the foot and also rubbing.
If corns are neglected the ongoing pressure can result in tissue break down leading to ulcerations and infections.

Treatment for corns:

Treatment is performed by highly skilled podiatrists who are able to remove these lesions safely and can ensure all of the core has been removed.

Do corn pads work?

No, corn pads do not work. These pads that you can purchase from the pharmacy contain acidic medication. This medication softens the skin around the corn by burning the tissue, this not only causes increased pain but allows the corn to go deeper into the skin. Corn pads are dangerous and should not be used especially if you have diabetes or impaired sensation in your feet. Ask our podiatrist for more information and they will be happy to assist you.